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5 Things You Should Know About Advent Calendar Scam

As the holiday season approaches, more and more people are planning to prepare gifts for their loved ones, you may wanna buy an advent calendar. But next step: where to buy the best advent calendar? You have been doing some searches in Google for « anime advent calendar » and, surprisingly, you found that there are literally tons of vendors!

How to choose a good calendar box store?

Keep in mind that a good seller is not always the one that offers the lowest prices. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Low prices are a scam indicator. And there are a LOT of scammers out there. 

Be ware of scammer websites!!

Why are 95% of Advent calendar websites scams? How can I spot a scam website?

1. Department store websites, the websites that sell everything, why not recommend choosing to buy from such a website? Because they sell everything, at least not professionally enough. Advent calendars are just one of choice in their product list, and they may not actually have any real products at all.

scam advent calendar website
Usually these scam websites built with unprofessional design
scam advent calendar website
These fake sites are easy to identify
Scam calendar website
A department website that sells everything

2. It is not recommended to buy from sites that sell at ridiculously low prices, I don’t really think you can receive high-quality products for less than $30, especially the anime advent calendars that are extremely delicate and collectible with an attractive amaze gift box, Try to be as logical as possible, If the offer is too good to be true, then it is a scam. It is a simple as that!

What you bought VS What you actually get!

Most calendar websites are selling these kind of cheap knock off ??? (You can only get cheap brooches, keychains or necklace in these fake site.) Not even related to the anime theme you purchased.

Advent Calendar Scam-2
Advent Calendar Scam Reviews From Tiktok
Advent Calendar Scam-3
Advent Calendar Scam Reviews From Tiktok

3. You will find out that most website’s has watermarks on their product photo but it is actually belongs to another site. I can tell that it’s 90% are scam websites, it only means that even the pictures are stolen from other websites!

4. If their product details page description does not have a clear product description or a actual picture, we don’t suggest that you purchase from these stores.

5. Make sure that you can easily contact them by telephone or by Email. If they do not reply fast, don’t answer the phone (or don’t return your call if you left a message while the shop was closed), forget about them.

Keep these essential rules in mind and you avoid advent calendar scams.

Now based on the above rules, I believe you should be able to easily identify what kind of websites that are trustworthy.

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