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The Best Genshin Impact Gifts Idea For Christmas Ever!

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games of all time. It’s a game that relies heavily on its characters, its world and its loyal fan base. The most underappreciated thing about Genshin Impact is not the gameplay, or the cinematic stories that MiHoyo creates, but rather the Genshin Impact merch.

There is so much Genshin Impact merch out there, and people are starting to take notice. Some of the most popular items that you should own at this point of the year though, have to be the Genshin Impact advent calendar. If you’re confused as to where you’ll find the best ones… well, fret not! Here are the four best Genshin Impact advent calendars that you need if you’re a fan of Genshin Impact merch!

Genshin Impact Advent Calendar –  The Four Gods

Genshin Impact Advent Calendar-3-1

This piece of Genshin Impact merch is by far one of the most premium advent calendars that you’re going to find. The Genshin Impact advent calendar comes with 24 different compartments, and each of them consists of a special Genshin Impact themed ornament inside of it. The best part about this is that you don’t know what you’ll get, so it’s going to be a surprise for everyone involved!

There are weapons, figurines, miniatures and so much more to get each time you pop open on of this advent calendar’s compartments. There’s going to be a seriously large variety of items inside, and each will give you some high quality Genshin Impact merch! There is more than enough content here to keep you satiated throughout the entirety of December, until the eve of the 25th arises and you can open up your presents!

Genshin Impact Advent Calendar – Mona’s Christmas Gift

Genshin Impact Advent Calendar-4-1

Now while the previous one was a bit more catered towards kids, this advent calendar’s box art can be a bit more towards the adult fans of Genshin Impact merch. There’s a lot to take in, but let’s first talk about the beautiful box art featuring mona in all her glory including the fuzzy bunny tail! This advent calendar box set also features about the same amount of content as the previous one, there’s going to be 24 different ornaments, and each one will be unique to this advent calendar.

The figures, weapons and miniature ornaments that you’ll find here are rarer in quality to anything else you can find, and you can nab these at a highly discounted price with the current sale going on! Moreover, there’s just a premium quality to the Genshin Impact merch found within this set, it’s made from high quality materials that won’t break too easily!

Genshin Impact Advent Calendar – The Squad!

Genshin Impact Advent Calendar-2-1

This Genshin Impact advent calendar features the whole squad! This one perhaps features the best and most lovable cover art for those Genshin Impact merch fanatics who love to collect rare high quality art and box sets! This advent calendar is made from premium materials, and features 24 different compartments where each of them consist of some of the best and most regarded pieces of Genshin Impact merch such as figurines, collectables, weapons and miniatures that are simply fantastic!

The art here is the main selling point, it’s all high quality and it’s all done so perfectly that I can’t help but recommend it to everyone. It’s by far got the best cover art, and the discounted price here is simply a gamer changer!

Genshin Impact Advent Calendar – The Girls!

Genshin Impact Advent Calendar-1-1

Genshin Impact’s girls are definitely the best and coolest characters. There’s such variety in the overall character design for the girls, from witches to pyromaniacs, archers and sword masters, there’s just a whole lot of them that we can talk about forever. Moreover, there’s four of our best girls featured on this Genshin Impact advent calendar, and it features some of the best Genshin Impact merch!

This Genshin Impact advent calendar can’t be found anywhere else, at least not at this discounted of a rate considering just how much PREMIUM quality content that’s inside of its 24 different compartments. It’s not only a perfect gift if you want to spoil your loved ones, but also the best thing to buy someone in December and keep the advent calendar tradition rolling!

In summary, these four were by far the best advent calendars that we could find for Genshin Impact. Not only do they features unique, beautiful and artistic designs and items within, but they’re some of the best Genshin Impact merch that you’re going to find out there. Advent calendars are so much more unique and thoughtful than T-Shirts or Mugs, so grab the Genshin Impact merch you love only at CalendarBox for some of the best deals you’ll ever find! 

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