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Best Pokemon Gifts Guide for 2022

Looking for best Pokémon gifts in 2022 ? Well,brace yourself, there ‘s a lot of merch.

We have gathered the best Pokémon gifts for little trainers in the making to save you time and stress.

You’ll find lots of fascinating practical gifts concerning this list. so be sure to look through all of our unique kids gifts for more great ideas!

Pikachu Wireless Charger Night Light

Pikachu Wireless Charger Night Light

While catching them is their top priority, even the best trainers of Pokémon need a break once in a while. This wireless table lamp is not only the cutest thing ever, but it’s also completely Pikachu-themed.

Made of high-quality materials, you can place it anywhere in your room, bedside, desk, and living room, and Pikachu can charge your phone!

Unfortunately this product has not yet been officially mass-produced, so let’s look forward to the day of its official release!

Razer Pokémon Wireless Earphones

Razer Pokémon Wireless Earphones

Wanna be the very best? Then be ready for any showdown with our signature Razer gear, evolved with iconic Pokémon style. Electrify your setup with our exclusive set of high-performance peripherals, inspired by the cutest and most beloved Pokémon of all time—Pikachu.

Pokemon LED Neon Light

Pokemon LED Neon Light

The Pokemon Go craze might’ve dwindled down a bit, but if there’s a trainer in the family who’s still addicted to catching’ them all, get them this Pokemon Neon Light. These neon signs are made from durable, long lasting eco friendly LED neon strip which are available with multiple acrylic colour backing options, also there’s 3 different sizes available.

Pokemon Advent Calendar

Pokemon Advent Calendar Family Pack - 1

A very important thing about Pokemon advent calendar is they are customizable. The calendars can be used as a birthday get together favor, Easter egg hunt reward, Halloween treat, or even just for fun. Here are the latest 2022 Pokemon advent calendars.

Pokemon Cubone Mask for Dog / Cat

Pokemon Cubone Dog Mask

Love Pokemon? If so, then you must be familiar with the all too adorable Cubone, who (quite often, actually) brings those who have watched the original Pokemon series to tears. Well, now you can turn your own lil doggo into the bone-wielding Pokemon with the 3D Cubone mask.

Pokemon Big Tongue Muffler

Pokemon Big Tongue Muffler

Wearing it makes you look like opening your mouth wide at any time, both cute and naughty, Imagine how much fun it is to wear it in winter to catch them

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