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To become a real ninja, Naruto Headband is an essential accessory.
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Showing 1–15 of 20 results

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Devotees of the well known manga will handily perceive a Naruto headband from its novel metalic plan with the logo of a town engraved in it. It is very shortsighted regarding plan : a metal plate held by a slender texture that circumvents the head of whom is wearing it. You can’t as expected cosplay your most loved shinobi without wearing his separate headband, so really look at our assortment and snatch yours now!

What does the logo on Naruto’s headband mean?!

The headband that Naruto Uzumaki wears is an image of his town, Konoha. “Konoha” signifies “leaf” in Japanese, and the headband is decorated with the kanji for “leaf”. In the first Naruto series, the headband was worn as an indication of pride by all ninjas from Konoha. In any case, after the town was gone after by the Nine-Followed Fox, naruto shippuden naruto headband uzumaki konoha the residents started to consider it to be a sign of their shocking past. Subsequently, Naruto – who knew nothing about the town’s set of experiences – was frequently derided for wearing the headband. In any case, he kept on wearing it as an indication of his dependability to Konoha. Eventually, naruto shippuden naruto headband uzumaki konoha Naruto’s resolute confidence in his town propelled its kin to embrace him as their own. Thus the headband came to be seen not as a sign of misfortune, but rather as an image of trust.

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